Sunday, January 8, 2012


IMG_8963_thumb4IMG_8916 IMG_8911IMG_8999IMG_8917 

We’re just back from the most lovely weekend at the beach with beautiful friends. 

I rediscovered this antique shop on the way, it has a new owner and is now one of my all time favourite places.  Do you love the big red scales as much as I do?  They’re huge and I’m trying to figure out where I could put them in my little house (any ideas Courtney?).

I hope that you’ve had a great weekend too.

Friday, January 6, 2012


I had such a fun start to my 2012 op shopping adventures today.


20 little wooden soldiers and their train.

The most amazing 1960’s doll house and all of it’s pieces.


IMG_8877 IMG_8879


And a cute wooden tip truck.


2011 was mostly another relaxed, uneventful year for us, just as I had hoped.  We had one big setback, but we brought in 2012 all healthy and happy.  I opened my etsy shop, got much better at sewing, enjoyed my family and felt inspired and excited about our future.  Life is good for us and we have lots of plans for 2012.  Happy new year x

(How cool is the doll house??!!!!)