Saturday, December 10, 2011


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1. Awesome vintage cards that I’ll probably never write in.

2. Debating whether to keep this or put it in the shop.

3.  Still loving my chooks and our new horse neighbour (he’s quite actively involved in the goings-on in our backyard).

4.  Cutest baby socks ever, still unsure whether they are for the shop or to pack away.

5.  This is what I am busy with at the moment.  Complete with all of the coolest coloured vintage zips, still in their packets.

6.  These are delicious as mini-cupcakes, with an orange squeezed into the egg/cream cup and the rind added.

7 + 8.  More shop debates.  I LOVE the romper.

9.  So cool I can barely stand it.  It’s huge, it was $4 and it’s going into my new “studio”.


  1. i have a huge collection of vintage cards and have just recently MADE myself start using them! BUT, i only give them to people who i know appreciate vintage! can't waste a great vintage card on someone who doesn't appreciate it!

    and the baby booties are a MUST KEEP!

  2. So much goodness! I'd be keeping those pink overalls. They are super sweet, as are those socks. I know I would not be able to part with them!

    Love the chookie photo too. More than a little jealous. :)

  3. Found your blog via Hart and Sew and had to read way back because it was so enjoyable. your girl is super cute and love all the vintage frocks. melx

  4. Oh, the pleasure of stumbling across each other's blogs goes both ways :) Would love to know your secrets of finding good vintage loot in Australias shops... I always seem to come up empty handed. Looking forward to getting my little dress in the mail - will go into the Christmas stocking I think.


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