Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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I’m loving telling my wide-eyed little girl about what happens on Christmas Eve. She wants to hear it again and again. It seems like the “magic” of Christmas has come back now that we have a little person in our lives and it’s going to be even more fun this year now that she’s a bit bigger. 

I resisted the urge to move the five decorations off the one branch of the Christmas tree and let her decorate it as she wanted (lucky she’s only a pipsqueak and can only reach so far!).  We had to make room for the little kiwi buzzy bee and a Christmas kiwi.  I just love how Christmas decorations make the house feel.  My little vintage ball-thingy in the second pic fits in nicely, I only recently found it for 50c, just in time to add another layer of sticky tape to it’s join and put it up for our own Christmas celebrations.


  1. I was just eyeing off your vintage ball thingy, it is so happy.

  2. Your tree looks great and so does that paper cut ball. Our little one keeps rearranging the decorations on the tree. When we asked him to stop taking the decorations off the tree - I was finding them all over the house and under the couch - he started to just shake the tree so they would fall off, which doesn't count as taking them off, does it...


  3. So cool!! Your photography's getting pretty damn awesome... I need to borrow you soon I think! I'm loving the base of your tree, where did you find it?
    Love it all actually, you're so creative!!


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