Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ivy is very excited to be moving to a big girls bed soon.  She has been sleeping in a bed when we stay at her nana and pop’s house and she loves it.  So I am now thinking about another change around in her room.  I’ll need to move out her beautiful cot (my mum’s cot when she was a baby) and will also get to move out the change table soon when she’s finished potty training.

I’ve been looking for some more ideas about set-ups for little girls rooms and have come across these lovely pics.  Although not all of them have big girl beds in them, they’re still cute so I thought I’d share. 

designspongeglobalmama.com3apartment therapyglobalmama.com2interiordivine.blogpsot.com1interiordivine.blogpsot.com2

1. Design*Sponge  2. Global Mama  3. Apartment Therapy  4. Global Mama  5 & 6 Interior Divine

I love Ivy’s room now, but I also love changing rooms around.  I have everything I need for her big girls room except for the amazing bed that I am going to find somewhere soon. 

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