Wednesday, March 9, 2011



How cool is this?! I picked all of these today to cook tonight.  Without really any effort at all, we are eating all of these beautiful things out of our backyard! I love being able to go and grab what I want rather than having to go down to the shop and it is the best feeling feeding such freshness to the people you love. 

The chooks are my favourite.  I love having them.  They have a big area out the back that they cruise around in, eat all of our food scraps and give us eggs each day.  Before we had our vegie garden they used to have run of the whole backyard, but after eating most of our corn seeds (there is only one survivor), we fenced off the back area for them.  Luckily we have a really big yard.  They are all great friends with our big dog and we often see them with their heads poking out of her kennel.


Ivy loves them too, although she is quite bossy with them while dealing out their wheat.


It has been great for Ivy to watch the vegies grow.  The strawberries have been specifically hers and it has been nice for her to watch them and wait for them to “be ready”.  She eats things with such gusto when she knows that they have come out of our garden.

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