Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Like Christmas, birthdays have taken a whole new sense of meaning since my little girl has come into my world.  It is like the fun and excitement of childhood returns to you for another round and it is another lovely part of being so instrumental in the life of a child.

We have been lucky enough to have had two lovely parties and a Christening in the past week and Ivy is now right into the whole ‘party’ thing.  Her birthday is still  more than a month away and even though I am a completely disorganised person, I am already thinking about the fun things we’re going to do.

It is very true that I am going to be doing things that she won’t care too much about, but it is so nice for me to also be able to do something special for the people that are so important in her life.  It also feels very much like a celebration for me too, what an incredible thing I did almost two years ago and her birth also brought with it a whole new life for me.  She will love it.

The fun parts for me will be doing some nice decorations, making things look pretty and cooking things that you would only bother with for a party. 


  1. sweet shop lulu  2. please let me know!  3. kasies allee

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