Thursday, February 17, 2011


scanI have had this little picture in a frame for ages. I have no memory of where or when I got it, but it was probably while I was waiting for my baby to be born and would definitely have been from a little country op shop.

I had always thought that it was a hand drawn picture.  I was looking for something to put as a profile picture for ivy loves jack on facebook and thought that this one might be cute, so I took it out of it’s very old frame.  I have collected old pictures and old frames for years and always had visions of finding some treasure underneath the frame, but as they are always so old and usually very carefully framed I have very rarely taken them out.  I was therefore very excited to find that this was actually an old postcard, I love this kind of thing!  I am pretty sure that it is written in German and the only half-visible postmark says that it was sent on the 13 March 1940-something.  I would love to know what it says.  Anyone??  I wonder what it would have been doing in a little Australian country town op shop.

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