Thursday, March 10, 2011


After posting some inspiration for Ivy’s big girl room, I thought I might show you some pics of some of my favourite things in her room now.

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  1. My only from new purchase (eBay) and I do realise only one light on the chandelier is working ;)
  2. A lovely old wardrobe with perfect little shelves that actually came with our house and I painted white.  The most amazing old suitcases that mum and I found in a lady’s shed for $1 are on top, they are a deep brown silk inside and came with their own canvas covers for when they were used for travel.  On top of them is the little white baby carry basket that mum and I searched for before Ivy was born and we scored for $2.
  3. This is the mobile that I made while I was pregnant (and there is another wooden one on the inside that she was given when she was born).
  4. Old picture cards from a school clearing sale.
  5. An op shop find.
  6. Another recent op shop find… I love it so much and so does Ivy.
  7. Her dad’s creation.
  8. My mum’s old turtle money box she had when she was a girl. 

I’ll take some more photos when her room is a bit cleaner than it is today!!  I have some other beautiful things that I haven’t even got in her room yet, so it’ll be fun to do another re-shuffle.  I can’t wait to set up a little “drawing spot” with a gorgeous little table that my brother gave her and THE cutest little chairs that I got ages ago. 

I especially love Ivy’s room for the fact that the only thing that I have bought new for the room is the chandelier (and a new cot mattress, which I will also do for the bed when I find it).  Every single other element  has been found in op-shops, at garage sales, either me or my dad has made it, or it was Brett’s, mine or my mum’s when we were little.  It makes a really special little room.

Her beautiful cot deserves a post all of it’s own, so I might do that another day.


  1. These little details are so sweet. I especially love those picture cards! I'm a sucker for bright, primary colors. Lovely blog and shop!

  2. thank you krissy. i have only just found the comments section of my blog! i just love primary colours too, so fun to have little people's rooms to put it all in!


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