Wednesday, January 26, 2011



What a great idea!! I always said that my children would not have a ridiculous lot of toys, I think it is unnecessary and a bit wasteful.  We’ve really only bought her the few things; books, a wooden train set, a few wooden puzzles, a bike, she has been given a beautiful wooden rocking horse, a wooden oven and tea set and a little guitar… BUT she has also been given lots of other bits and pieces (which she really does love).  The toys seem to be quite plentiful around our house now and I’m always looking for a nice way to store them.  She has an old picnic case for her “kitchen” which works really well.  This is another amazing idea for some dolls by Stacy at Hart & Sew.

She even made the gorgeous doll.

outfit1  outfit3

As well as some little clothes for the doll!


Pretty clever and so cool. 

(All photos by Stacy at Hart & Sew)

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