Sunday, October 7, 2012


IMG_1319IMG_1314IMG_1320If you don’t already own these crayons, you need to race out and buy them. I never race out and buy anything, but these are utter drawing heaven. Ivy and I can hardly put them down!

Ivy is having her first “holiday” at Nana and Pop’s in a very long time. It is strange without her here, but I want to make sure she is ok with staying away from us occasionally (and we also had a wedding to go to!). I was a terribly homesick kid during primary school and only ever stayed away from home on school camps. Apparently she was fine last night and only woke asking for me a few times without being too upset. I have just finished talking to her on the phone, she’s always with me so I never get to hear her on the phone and can’t believe how grown up she sounds. She is having a ball of course!

Did you get homesick when you were a child? Do your little one’s spend any nights away yet?


  1. i don't know why, but i hate the sleepover. i should love it. we need it. but i have this weird fear, our gang being separated. the kids could care less, love staying somewhere new. will have to check out those crayons, for sure! have a gorgeous day :)sarah

  2. I am actually going to RACE to get these - we need some good ones to take away on a trip in two weeks, so thank you very muchly for the tip! Olive's been really down with sleep overs so far (she's had a few with my brother), but I was like you as a kid - I got terribly home sick, and always rang/wanted to ring my parents to come and pick me up. Glad to hear Ivy is loving it! Kellie xx
    PS Although it's great to have a night out, Shane and I always find it so lonely without our O in the morning ...

  3. I love those crayons, such vibrant colours, we first bought them when Mr 10 was probably 3, but I found them really hard to clean off tables, hands and clothes, so have not bought them since. Hopefully crayola have changed that.
    Your creations look beautiful - good luck

  4. Thanks for the tip! I must go get some! Ivy is quite the little artist!

  5. These crayons are very cool. No sleepovers here yet, but I remember that same feeling when I was little.
    x ashley

  6. Beautiful drawing :)
    I just can't get enough of sweet little Ivy.

  7. looks like we might just have to try these then. always loved crayola. thanks for sharing. xo

  8. I used to get terribly homesick as a child. I recently went on my first trip away from my boys - they were fine but I missed them so much!


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