Sunday, September 30, 2012


IMG_1140IMG_1225IMG_0676IMG_13121. I have finally in the last couple of months made the “no going back” switch to manual on my camera. It has resulted in many disasters but it’s only up from here! 2. Wild orchids on my new kitchen benches. 3. An abundance of fresh lettuce in my garden at the moment, so worth the very little effort they have required. 4. My little handmade range is growing. I’m aiming for a “launch” at a December 1st market, then online after that. I’m loving what I have so far, so I hope others will too. 

Thank you so much for the nice comments that you have left on my last posts. I love to know who reads this space of mine and I really appreciate you saying hello x



  1. Your photos are lovely! I too have just made the switch to manual...oh yes there have been an awful lot of shockers but I must admit I'm quite chuffed with the ones that come together how I hope. Best of luck with your new
    (ad)venture! May it bring you much joy. Steph :)
    P.S. Have that very same vintage fabric in my stash!

  2. Love that shot of Ivy!! You are my photographic idol, you know :) one day I'll progress from my iphone camera ;-0

  3. that light is beautiful in the first shot! well done for committing to manual. i love the little frock, too. lovely stuff :)sarah

  4. You make me want to buy a proper camera. Your shots are always so lovely. I love your ivylovesjack label, simple and clear. Good luck for the market.

  5. Beautiful photos. Your vegies look amazing, gorgeous girl and gorgy holly hobby!! Loved Holly Hobby when i was little:) xx

  6. i agree. the first photo is magical. i love the look of your label. will keep my eyes open. can't wait to see more. xo

  7. love that fabric in the little top/dress? can I ask where that is from is it a vintage sheet or was it bought as new fabric?

    1. Hi Michele, the fabric was a vintage sheet, it's cute isn't it :)


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