Tuesday, December 20, 2011



Why, why, why, oh why do I ALWAYS leave everything until the last minute??  I thought I’d quickly share this cute felt cupcake and pan pattern and my resulting cupcakes before I wrap them up for Ivy to give to her “best friend” tomorrow.  It is very easy, but as it is all hand-sewn, it does take a bit of time.  Ivy absolutely loves them and I have promised myself that I will make her some, as well as some big cakes that I have some ideas for also.  I did make her these couple of little ‘biscuits’ while I was at it though. 

Hope that you guys are all organised for a lovely Christmas!


  1. Oh you had been reading my mind! I had been plotting if I could make some of these up myself just this week. Yours have turned out beautifully and thanks for sharing the pattern it looks wonderfully helpful. melx

  2. This is such a great idea... would be perfect for a little Masterchef that I know.

  3. These are so dang cute! You did a great job :)


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