Sunday, May 29, 2011

Melted heart

When the house is quiet and there is no little person bustling around going about her day, I sometimes notice the cutest things.


I nearly tripped over these guys in the middle of the room after I had finally gotten her down for her day sleep.  How cute are they all lined up?!



This one has melted my heart.  Look at her knitting.  She’s always pretending to knit… “Ober, around, under and osh”, but look at this.  Maybe things just seem cuter when they’re tucked up in bed, but she’s had a real go here.  Dear little bub.

p.s… yes I do realise that it is probably a bit dangerous leaving knitting needles on the couch and not noticing your 2yo knitting with them, but these ones are very bendy plastic and I am usually very careful, I promise!


  1. Isn't it fun to notice the little things they leave around? Today I noticed a dolly "sleeping" in the cat's bed :-)


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