Monday, February 25, 2013


IMG_2052first day of kinder 25 weeksI’m a kinder mum now. I was so sad before she started, I couldn’t quite cope with the thought of my little 3 year old heading off into the world on her own. It’s a whole new thing not being there to protect and guide her, to be involved in her interactions- good or bad- to be able to discuss them later and shape a positive way of dealing with things. I agonized over my decision to send her a year earlier than a lot of others, although I had no doubt she was ready. My prep teacher mum encouraged my decision and I also started kinder a year early myself and knew that school had always been easy for me. I did know that my reasons for keeping her home another year would be purely selfish ones.

She is loving it. I am amazed by the way in which she has adjusted to such a big change in her life. I knew that she would enjoy it and head off happily, but I thought she might struggle a little once she realized that it was going to be long days, three days a week. It’s not the case though. She is happier than I have seen her for ages. The hours that I was so concerned about seem perfect. She is completely organized and gets ready so happily that we are even have a lovely casual walk to kinder each morning. There is nothing that makes a mum happier than seeing her child happy is there?

* I am still doing a private version of my weekly photos of Ivy. I just don’t blog enough to have a photo of her a week on here without it taking over :)


  1. That is so great that Ivy's doing well! What an enormous thing starting school is. And what a gorgeous bump, mum-of-two-to-be! Kellie xx

  2. Oh she is so adorable!! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday! Xx


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