Monday, January 21, 2013


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 IMG_1722 IMG_1688IMG_1752We’ve had a bit more than a week back in NZ now. I nearly missed out this time though thanks to a passport drama (an expensive one at that). I had my 20 week scan on the day that we flew out and am enjoying our holiday knowing that our baby looks healthy. We found out this time whether we will be having a son or daughter, it is so amazing and exciting to know and I really do feel a deeper connection with the tiny person I am growing.

We’ll be home at the end of this week to get started moving Ivy into a new room, starting on a baby room, finishing our kitchen and getting Ivy ready to start kinder. It will be a whole new life for Ivy and I this kinder business. I hope so much that it all goes well for her and that she loves it.

Do any of you have a child starting kinder this year?


  1. You found out if the baby is a boy or a girl but you're keeping us in suspense! What! Kellie xx

  2. wow you've got a busy year ahead and good on you for finding out yet keeping it a secret. that's what I did with number two and I loved knowing I was growing a little girl in secret! xx

    1. Did you tell people you knew when they asked? I love knowing what we have, what an incredibly exciting thing it is!!

  3. So excited for you (that you know!) and happy that all is well in nz. See you when you get back! X


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