Saturday, April 14, 2012



Working on:

A new coat for Ivy.

A new sewing/shop room.

A knitted merino vest.

Patterns for a birthday dress.

Consoling myself that Brett is away working for his birthday and hoping that he’ll be back in time for Ivy’s.


IMG_0018The baby whisperer (aka my husband) and our little niece.

IMG_0151A crazy little daughter.

IMG_0125-001The cutest scruffy-haired twin nieces ever born.

IMG_0154An Easter nest.

IMG_0139Wee in the camp bed.

IMG_9936Camp fire and hot water.

IMG_9950Still trying to learn!

Easter was as beautiful as ever.  It’s my favourite holiday of the entire year.  All of my family together doing the same thing that we did when we were kids.