Thursday, September 20, 2012


IMG_0739 (2) PicMonkey CollagexIMG_1014 PicMonkey CollagexIMG_1133 1. An ivylovesjack package. 2. Ivy’s finished (and now well worn) winter coat. 3. A shrunken top that I knitted from this gorgeous pattern (I ended up knitting three I love it so much). 4. Flowers from our yard and my home-made scented soy candles. 5&6. A little self-dressed girl with the doll I finally got around to making. 7. Ivy’s cheeky little horse.  

I’ll be back in this space soon if anyone is still out there :)


  1. Hello.

    Your blog posts don't seem to come through on bloglovin' each time you post. I followed the link today (through bloglovin) to your post and found a whole heap that I hadn't seen before...perhaps there is a problem?

    I am still here, keep posting. We love it!

    Carly x

    1. Thanks Carly :)
      I'm not too sure how bloglovin' actually works, but I'll go and check it out. Hope you're having a nice weekend! x

  2. Gorgeous photography Bianca!! I so need a camera and some lessons;)

  3. Keep posting and hopefully one day I will get to meet you at a coffee. great pictures, they are so clear. I love the self dressed one, that girl has style!

  4. I think I'd just like to jump right into your world right now :) You did such a lovely job of the coat and doll, and it looks like the sweet little recipient is very happy.

  5. Every single image above is gorgeous. Love Ivy's coat, especially teamed with the pink pants and top knot hair. The last photo of Ivy's horse among the gums is so arresting.

  6. Gorgeous pics, and that coat is the best. The doll looks very loved too. Mel x

  7. That dolly is sooo cute. You are so clever:) Love your photos x

  8. Gorgeous photos. This is my first visit here. It's really lovely. I've just visisted your shop and couldn't resist buying a dress and pinafore my little girls. Thank you x

  9. I am still here, too. Just sometimes a bit behind everyone else .... how darling is that yellow coat! Kellie xx


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