Sunday, May 20, 2012


IMG_02311IMG_0222 IMG_0227 IMG_0238IMG_0240IMG_0236-001 I love having a wood fire.  It is the cosiest, most comfortable and wholesome warmth.  Growing up, we always had a fire in the lounge and a little potbelly stove in the kitchen next to the dining table.  There was hardly a moment that there wasn’t something delicious simmering away on the top of it… soup, stew, caramel dumplings.  We have a fire in our house now, but I can’t wait to put in a big old wood stove when we build a house. 

With wood fires comes woodcutting and it has always been a fairly regular weekend activity in my life.  I have nice memories of it as a child (except for the huntsmans).  Mum would always pack a picnic and we would light a fire and cook our lunch while we were out there.  I still quite like it actually :)


  1. You're making me feel hungry!!! I never had to go chopping wood...and I liked it that way! Think I was a bit of a girly girl back then ;)
    I'll have a slice of that Cobb loaf too please:) I still make the sourdough that you linked to ages ago, love it! (5 minute artisan bread)

  2. This is so lovely (minus the huntsmans!) ... Such a great, wholesome experience for your little girl.

    ps loving your blog - thanks for drawing my attention to it. I'll be back!

  3. Snap, we spent Sunday afternoon cutting wood and cooking scones in the camp oven. One of our favourite winter activities.

  4. Love a thermos full of yummy warm goodness
    Dont love a huntsman!

  5. It really does look rather idyllic. Kellie xx

  6. gosh. such lovely photos. a beautiful scenery. i too remember our potbelly growing up. often we would boil a pot of water on it for hot drinks. it was such a great source of heat. xo


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