Tuesday, March 13, 2012



The magnificent NZ West Coast holds some of my most special memories over the past 9 years.  Brett and I used to spend months at a time adventuring around this little 8hr stretch of road, exploring every little track that lead off into the bush somewhere.  The places that we discovered while doing this were beyond words and it is an experience that I will treasure for my whole life.

It is a bit different these days, the months we used to spend exploring seem to get shorter (only a few days this time) but it is still as refreshing and awe-inspiring.  It is such an extreme part of the world, massive mountain ranges to one side, wild coast on the other, littered with stones and huge tree trunks that have made their way down rapids to end up in the sea.  Every time I go there I love it a little bit more.


  1. Looks so gorgeous!! Does this mean you guys are home?

    1. not yet, just arrived at the bach in the coromandel after a 13hr drive + flight yesterday! amazing weather and so happy to be here (home on sunday x).


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