Tuesday, March 27, 2012


IMG_9863IMG_9831The weather here has been utterly spectacular, not hot or cold, not particularly sunny, or overcast for that matter, just perfect.  I love the change of seasons, I have always been a girl who likes new things and I welcome each season with excitement for what it has in store. 

Our house is in complete disarray at the moment as I am in the midst of yet another change around, bringing out cosy things and setting up a new sewing room.  The little corner above got the addition of a bookshelf and judging by the messed up books by the time I took this photo, it has already been enjoyed by the littlest member of the house.  She loves that spot and the green armchair that my mum bought me from an antique shop while I was pregnant as my breastfeeding chair. 

I’m hoping that I will work up the courage to turn this beautiful blanket into a beanbag.  I love old woollen blankets and I have enough for beds and spares, so I buy them with the purpose of turning them into new things.  This one is soft and so lovely, it is so hard to change something that is already beautiful but I know it’ll just be packed away otherwise.

I hope you are getting to enjoy these beautiful days like Ivy and I are. 


  1. Love that photo of a corner of your home. It looks so warm and inviting and the green and brown work so well together.

    I can relate to the blanket. I found a sweet old woolen blanket with a hole in it and brought it to craft with, but ended up patching it up instead! Maybe the next blanket I find...


  2. What a lovely corner, that green chair is gorgeous too.
    Love that blanket, it's from Tassie! I would struggle to cut it but a beanbag would be super cosy. Hard decision. Good luck x

  3. What a great idea, I love the thought of a warm snuggly bean bag.


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