Wednesday, February 15, 2012



I’m so glad that I have had these great reading distractions over the past week.  It sounds too good to be true that a little country school cleaned out their library of all of their old 70’s and 80’s library books and that I was the lucky recipient of pretty much all of them doesn’t it?  About 40 books for a rough $10 (which included a selection of other old things I’d also picked up).  They are such a joy to read.  I don’t specifically remember any of them, but they are my era, so I’m sure they would have graced the shelves of my own little primary school library.  The borrowing pockets and cards at the back of them are awesome and I will be keeping each and every one of the books.

I found my first copy of Peppermint magazine too this week.  It’s obviously not in great demand in the country towns that surround me.  James Clark’s amazing warehouse was the absolute highlight.

Apart from having some nice reading time with the little love of my life, I have been utterly miserable.  The due date for my last pregnancy is nearing and I still have no baby in my tummy.  I had a molar pregnancy when we were last in New Zealand and it is obviously taking a little while for my body too get back into the swing of things.  I do strongly believe that everything happens for a reason though, so we must have another amazing little person that is destined to be a bit further into our future than we planned.  Luckily, I never stay miserable for too long.  We’ve just booked flights back to NZ, leaving in a couple of weeks so it’ll be a nice time to actually enjoy not being pregnant and make the most of the fun that will be had.


  1. Aww, I feel your pain. We've been trying since last May and haven't had any luck yet. I was really hoping to have a smaller gap between my son and his sibling then I had with mine..but that isn't a possibility anymore. I know I never comment but I really wanted to show my support to you and let you know I'm praying it will happen for both of us soon!

  2. The books were a wonderful find indeed! I'm yet to get my hands on to a Peppermint magazine, but they do look quite lovely.

    All the best with your plans for a baby. Our first pregnancy miscarried and it took time, mentally and physically, for us to be ready again. Then we had Cohen and after overcoming many obstacles with my health and my thyroid, we are just about to have our second. Two years later than we had planned, but now I can appreciate the gap. Cohen is so involved and understands so much more now that he is three and he is sharing in our joy and excitement. It was hard to feel that while I waited though. xx

  3. Big piles of vintage books like that just set my heart a flutter- I would have snaffled them all up too and skipped all the way home. And chin up, get sloshed on your holiday and know that babies have a way of turning up when you stop planning for them. melx

  4. It's ok to be down in the're allowed!! Looking forward to our catch up later. X


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