Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My latest op shopping adventure with my mum has pretty much completed my entire summer wardrobe.  I have never been so happy with the clothes that fill my wardrobe as I am now!  I really only ever wear skirts and dresses, so it has been relatively easy (and lucky) to fill my wardrobe with vintage clothes for summer.  

I’m going to try to overcome my phobia of photos of me and show you all of the dresses that I am going to be wearing to death this summer.  The most expensive dress in my wardrobe was $3.00, cheapest 20 cents.  Here is my first, the cheapest (yes, really 20 cents!!!) and my absolute favourite.


This is the best photo that I got too… no show without little punch around here.


  1. twenty cents! My jaw just dropped all the way to the ground! That has to be the buy of the century. What a fabulous dress.

  2. Bargain! And your daughters dress is gorgeous. I love the vintage fabrics. It was lovely to meet you today. It's good to know there are some other local bloggers around.
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