Tuesday, August 30, 2011


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Right!  I am back from NZ.  It was crazily great for the first half, crazily crap for the last half.  Let’s just say I’m now well acquainted with three different NZ hospitals.  I’m better now though, so it’s back to the loveliness of my little vintage shop!

Check out all of this cute kiwi vintage. They will all be 20% off for you lovely blog readers with the coupon code BEAUTIFULNZ.  I’ll be adding them to the shop over the next few days, let me know if you like the look of something before it goes on sale.  The top three are all suitable for around a 2-3 year old and the rest are for littler ones.


  1. ooooh... so sorry to hear about the hospital visits! glad everything is okay! looks like you've got lots of great new clothes for your shop!

  2. Love the purple dress! Glad to hear your back, hopefully in one piece!! I'm your newest follower, and yes you know me!!


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