Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Our little girl missed out on her birthday party this year.  After being unsure whether we were actually going to have one, deciding we would, doing the invitations, buying things for decorations and all of the food, we all got sick.  Not a cold kind of sick, a violent, horrible kind of sick.  Not nice at all.

I thought I might share a couple of things that we did anyway.

The invitations.

IMG_4992IMG_4657 IMG_4659

I made these big pom poms before we were sick, so we waited until Ivy went to bed the night before her birthday, put them up with some streamers and set out her presents so she would see them when she came out of her room in the morning.  It was a pretty special birthday morning, so it was very worth it.

Here is my beautiful two year old.  She is just so amazing and lovely.


My rainbow layer cake also didn’t eventuate and Ivy was adamant that she wanted a helicopter cake anyway.  My best effort for the occasion consisted of a cupcake with a helicopter on top, it was after all, a very rough week!

We ended up with 3 birthday celebrations, including cakes, “happy birthday” and candles.  So even though it wasn’t as I’d planned, I’m pretty sure she loved the whole resulting birthday celebrations and felt very special, which is what it’s all about anyway.

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  1. Happy birthday miss Ivy. Two is a wonderful age to be.


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