Friday, May 20, 2011


Recently we have been hearing lots and lots of “When I get big I might…” and I love it.  It gives such a gorgeous insight into what my just turned 2 year old thinks about and it amazes me she is already thinking about her future.

Most of the time we hear, “When I get big I will fly helicopters”.  Sometimes it is aeroplanes and other popular ones are, “ride big bucking bulls” and “do big jumps on my snowboard”.  She is so much like her dad.

She was therefore very excited to go and watch her dad fly a plane a few weekends ago.


She wasn’t very impressed at this point when she realised that the extent of her turn was going to be sitting in it on the ground!  I still love these photos though and I love this vintage dress that she is wearing.  She has worn it so much already as the weather gets colder and I know she’ll wear it lots more.

I am going to start linking in to Hart & Sews “Little Vintage Style”, this is a bit of a poor attempt, but I will try to do a weekly post with Ivy wearing some of the gorgeous vintage things that I find for her.


  1. i thought your name sounded familiar! you have some really cute clothes in your shop and an absolutely adorable little girl! thanks for linking up, i can't wait to see what other vintage gems you have... :)

  2. Thanks Stacy and thanks for the opportunity to link up! I love your blog!!


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