Sunday, January 16, 2011


IMG_2301Sundays in our home are usually lazy.  We love all being together just at home.  I don’t worry about the days mess until Monday.  We stay in bed as long as we can, even though it is usually a 7.30 maximum with our littlest family member exclaiming, “c’mon mum, UP in morning!”.  She likes to read books in our bed though which often buys us a few more precious minutes sleep-in.

IMG_2281 IMG_2266 IMG_2292

Ivy and I are by ourselves this Sunday though.  We have been without one family member a lot these days, his job means very long and unpredictable hours and in the case of any emergency, he is often gone for days and sometimes weeks at a time.  As a fire fighter, this is his busy period, we expect it to be. Ironically though, he is now busy preparing for the rising floods in our local area.

My husband is an adventurer.  He loves things that are out of the ordinary.  He likes discovering and pushing his limits.  We met in the adventure capital of the world, where he worked as a Snowboard Instructor and the Site Controller of the Worlds Highest Cliff Jump.  My first sight of him was of him doing numerous flips with a picnic chair prior to sitting in it and buckling himself in before the ropes caught.  Although I would love for him to be content having a no-risk 9 to 5 job, I know that he would hate it and then I probably wouldn’t love him as much as I do.

I hope that you are having a lovely lazy Sunday  x

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